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Below is some of our most recent projects. Only a small sample of our projects are shown to give our potential clients a better understanding of our scope of services.

ECR has also performed 100+ seismic risk services for a wide range of commercial and multi-family buildings for due diligence firms. We are knowledgeable in the evaluation and structural investigation of various types of buildings including concrete, steel, wood and masonry.

Voluntary Renovation Projects on Single-Family Homes

ECR has performed tens of remodeling projects which include but are not limited to:
– Penthouse, story additions & rear-side deck additions
– Kitchen remodels (removal of load bearing walls/posts)
– Floor plan re-configurations
– Repairs including decks, sloping, dry-rot damage and more.

(E) Deck Replacement (Dolores Heights)
Penthouse Construction (Marina)
(N) Bathroom Addition (Novato)
(N) Bathroom Addition (Novato)
Removal of Load-Bearing Wall (Novato)
Removal of Load-bearing Wall (Upper Nob Hil)
(N) Kitchen w/ Horizontal Ext. (Inner Mission)
(N) Rear-side deck addition (Noe Valley)
Repair due to Dry-rot Damage
Cracking at Brick Retaining Walls
Cracking at Brick Cladding
Verification of Foundation Anchorage
Structural  Evaluations

ECR has instrumental in investigating the fatal balcony collapse that happened in Berkeley in June, 2015. Please visit our “News” page for more information.

ECR has performed structural evaluations on foundations issues (cracks, settlement), sloping, seismic vulnerability/integrity of buildings and other structural issues on multiple properties. Some examples of structural evaluations include but not limited to foundation anchorage, cracks on unreinforced brick cladding or retaining walls, deflections at floor beams, dryrot damages, and more.

Mandatory Soft Story Projects of Multi-family Buildings

We have great experience with buildings subject to mandatory soft-story ordinance of San Francisco. Our current mandatory soft story retrofit projects are located at the Marina, Laurel Heights, Inner Sunset and Inner Richmond districts. We handle the process from start to finish; and monitor the construction process to ensure that the project is completed on schedule and within budget.

(E) Deck Replacement (Dolores Heights)
Soft-story (Construction scheduled Sep 15')
Soft-story Strengthening (Marina District)
Soft-story Strengthening (Inner Richmond)
Typical Steel frame
Typical Steel Frame Connection
Typical (N) Foundation
Typical (N) Ply Shear Wall Installation
Soft Story Repair Exterior Wall Sheeting
Remodel (Inner Mission)
(N) Kitchen Remodel(N) Kitchen Remodel
(N) Rear-side Extension
Remodel (Marina)

Voluntary Strenghtening Projects

Some of our clients choose to strengthen their single-family or 2-4 unit buildings at the garage or basement level to have a safer home against earthquake and in some cases to decrease their earthquake premium. San Francisco also has a subsidy program for buildings with crawl spaces.