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Berkeley Balcony Collapse

ECR was instrumental in investigating the fatal balcony collapse that happened in Berkeley in June, 2015, that resulted loss of lives of Irish students. Dry-rot was confirmed as cause of the deadly incident. Over 12 lawsuits filed in Berkeley Balcony Collapse Case, alleging the tragedy could have been avoided. And over more than 400 balconies and decks in Berkeley inspected since the incident need corrective work, according to the city documents released. To learn more, view the article below:

Deadly Berkeley Balcony Collapse Linked To Water-Damaged Wooden Beams


2016 Earthquake Retrofit Fair

ECR was present at the 2016 Earthquake Retrofit Fair, connecting property owners with all the professionals they need to make San Francisco safer, one building at a time. We can answer your questions about retrofitting your property. To learn more, click the article;  2016 Earthquake Retrofit Fair (

Soft Story Fair

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